Briston Rains was just a teenager that loved running. He started in High School just doing it to keep in shape, fell in love with it after finding trail & ultra running and the rest was history. Since he was a kid he enjoyed starting businesses which carried throughout the rest of his teenage years. It was just a matter of time before he decided to combine his two passions of entrepreneurship and running to create a company he deeply values and cares about. Not just the company itself but the people within that community of running.


When Texas Outlaw Running Company was first made, within a matter of minutes, Briston wrote down his WHY and has stuck with it ever since. 

"My why... to go into a field I love which is running. I love running. I want a Texas brand because I also happen to love Texas and its people, I was raised in Texas and I'm a proud Texan. Runners from Texas are different runners. This will be the first Texas running company, of my knowledge, that does coaching, events, has a clothing line, and makes running content. Running is my entire life, it's my discipline, it's what I go to get away. If I can't leave a legacy behind by my performance, I'll leave it behind in this company."