Texas Outlaw Running Company is a company that puts on amazing running events, makes awesome content, has a unique clothing line, and an effective coaching program. In fact, we're the first and only company in Texas that offers those services all in one company. 

What's the story behind it all?

Transitioning from high school to university Briston, the founder, always knew after college he wanted to do something in the running scene whether it was putting on races or being a running coach. One day during his first semester of college he was walking back to his dorm from a class. Suddenly a wave of ideas hit him. He immediately grabbed his journal and wrote all the ideas down. Not even a few minutes later right then and there Texas Outlaw Running Company was born in his dorm room in August of 2020. He knew it was going to be something special. Running is a huge part of his life and he wants this business to be his mark on the running world and the legacy that he leaves behind.

Texas is an amazing state and our goal from the beginning was to make a unique running company that Texas has never seen before. We wanted everything running all in one company and that's what we are. The goal has always been to be unique, give people amazing experiences, but most importantly to grow the sport of road and trail/ultra running and its community.