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Texas Outlaw Running Companies Race Schedule for 2021

Texas Outlaw Running Company releases their race schedule to kick off the 2021 season of their trail, ultra, and road running events. 



Race Sched.png

To kick off 2021 with a bang, Texas Outlaw Running Company is putting on unique races all around the North Texas area. The year 2021 is the perfect year to put on some awesome new races that have never been seen before, especially after the monstrosity of races in 2020. Our goal was to make the most memorable, beautiful, and unique race experiences ever seen in the state of Texas. We're in this for the community and donating to organizations to do our part and give back to the people who need it most. 

The first race, and most unique race, we will be putting on this year is the Chupacabra 50K that starts on May 8, 2021. The Chupacabra 50K takes place in small-town, Quanah Texas, at Copper Breaks State Park. The Chupacabra 50K has two distances, the 50K (31 Miles) and the 17k (10.5 Miles), both are on trail. The place in which the race takes place is absolutely breathtaking. We highly suggest camping out on the cool and dark night before the race. Copper Breaks State Park is known as the "International Dark Sky Park" and the sky at night is lit up by the stars. It's really something special to see. Not only that, but the climate is very rugged and windy, making it a challenging race. 

After that, we will be putting on our biggest event of the year,

the East Texas Ultra on May 22, 2021. This trail run is being put on at Lake Bob Sandlin Stake Park over in the pine trees of Mount Pleasant Texas. There are three distances for this event, the 50K (31 Miles), the 28K (17 Miles), and the 7K (4.3 Miles). When we went and visited the park, the scenery and trails were stunning. The people who help maintain the trails at this park doing a great job. Lake Bob Sandlin State Park is heavily overlooked and we're very excited to put a race on there to help the park get the recognition it deserves while giving runners a new and exciting experience. 

In late July we will be putting on the hardest marathon in Texas called the

Texas Diablo Marathon. This race is a very tough and grueling trail race that starts and runs through the Caddo LBJ National Grasslands near Decatur Texas. The race starts late morning during the hottest day of the year starting on July 24, 2021. What makes this race tough isn't the trails or the heat, it's the humidity. When we first started putting on races the first idea we had was this exact race. We highly refrain from anyone running this race that isn't properly trained. This race is extremely difficult and that's why we're only letting the race spread word of mouth and why we're not publically advertising for this event. 

When winter comes we will be putting on our annual Cooke County Patriot 5K in the most patriotic city in America, our hometown we grew up in, Gainesville Texas. The race will start on the cool morning of December 4th, 2021. The course we chose sits at the top of the town and runners run over the hills looking out at all of Gainesville as the sun rises. This race has a special place in our hearts. 

Soon after, on December 11th, 2021 we will be putting on the first-ever last man standing race in the south called The Backland located at Lake Texoma. This race format consists of a 4.5-mile loop on trail. Every hour we sound a bell and if runners don't cross the line before the bell they are out of the race. Last man (or woman) standing will win. We are so excited to put this race on, it will be a fun one.

That wraps up all the races Texas Outlaw Running Company will be putting on in 2021. As the years' progress, we will keep these races and add even more throughout this great state. Come out to our races and experience them yourselves! 

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