Q: What does "Texas Outlaw" mean?

A: Texas Outlaw means that the runners from Texas are Outlaws, meaning different, compared to the other states. We get some of the toughest and humid heat, most diverse climate and so much more here. Texas builds different runners and makes us unique. 

Q: What's our withdrawal/refund policy?

A: If you are going to withdraw from an event all you have to do is just shoot us an email and we'll withdrawal you. As far as refunds go, we have a no refund policy. However if you withdrawal or request a refund 30 days or more outside the event we can give you a race credit for another one of our races. 

Q: How do we time our events?

A: When we time our events we go off of gun time. For recording the time we use the Ultra Signup timing software to accurately record times for all of our events. Bigger events will use timing chips in the bibs. 

Q: What about volunteers?

A: Volunteers will get big discounts on all of our races and a lot of free stuff. We love all of our volunteers and they help with these races so much. If you're interested in volunteering take a look at our volunteer page.